Amelia & Arielle Toelke – Brooch

brooch- toelke

“Brooch”, Sterling sliver, condom wrappers, resin, thread, 2014, $350.00


Jewelry serves many functions. Often it is viewed primarily as mere decoration and body adornment, but this is only one side of a multifaceted object. Jewelry is a symbol; it represents wealth, status, and identity, acting as a badge that defines the wearer. Brooch draws on these multiple roles serving as both a form of insignia and as a memento. Fabricated with a variety of materials including sterling silver, resin, and condoms, Brooch conjures themes of love, loss, honor, and principle. This diverse conceptual breadth allows Brooch to embody the complex historical and contemporary issues regarding contraceptive use as well as how we position ourselves within that dialogue.

Brooch is a collaborative piece created by sisters Arielle and Amelia Toelke.



Amelia Toelke is a visual artist who grew up in small-town upstate New York. Her childhood home remains an inspiration that has left a lasting impression on her practice through nurturing a deep love and appreciation for objects, ornamentation, and the decorative landscape. Toelke completed her BFA in 2005 at the State University of New York at New Paltz and her MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madisonin  2011. She exhibits her work nationally and internationally and continues to explore her interest in collaboration and public art through outdoor installations and curatorial endeavors. Currently, Toelke lives and works in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

arielle-pic1Arielle Toelke grew up in a small town in upstate New York, with creative parents continually nurturing her artistic endeavors. In 2002 Arielle graduated from the University of Hartford Art School with a BFA. In 2004 Arielle moved to New York City to pursue a career as a makeup artist. Since her move, she has successfully made a career as a freelance makeup artist and is currently working steadily on films and television on the east coast.

When she is not working as a makeup artist, Arielle continues to make art in her studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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