Demitra Copoulos – Public Safety Test

Public Saftey Test-Exceeding Limitations

“Public Safety Test”, Condoms, water, plexiglas, Variable height x 76″ x 31″, 2014, $8000


I handled the condoms as a living material. By testing their limitations I found each volume creates a particular situation of tension. We all have limits or invisible barriers that make us feel safe and protected. Whether they are emotional, physical or behavioral. What happens when our invisible boundaries are tested, strained or even breeched?

Process Images:

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gallery talk 3As an established artist Demitra Copoulos has shown locally and nationally over the past 20 years. She is a multi disciplinary artist working primarily with 3 dimensional forms.

Her process of art making explores the dualism that exists in our culture and in human nature. Her works include, large-scale kinetic pieces, installations and publicly placed commissioned pieces. Her works have been reviewed in numerous publications such as Sculpture magazine and New Art Examiner.

Socially, she is actively working on organizing and curating an outdoor video projection happening of regional film artists to be projected on the facades of commercial buildings. Her community based creative processes and ideas, have been to work with the business community and local artists to revitalize a transitional neighborhood by establishing an artist live/work community.

She has earned a BFA from the University of Milwaukee and is currently a registrar assistant at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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