Heejin Hwang – Growth


“Growth”, Steel wire, condoms, 47” x 47” x 2”, 2014, $1500


My work is about the tension between structure and sensuality. I am interested in framing female identity through the lens of beauty, control, dignity, strength and vulnerability. In this work, I used fractal images in nature such as the flow of blood through fractal blood vessels, and the branches of trees. To me the pattern is not random. It simply appears to be disordered but with some kind of implied order. By building simple structural units organic shapes give way to fortified architectural systems. It shows abstract images of growth-growth of nature, growth of feeling, and growth of thought – through my own visual language.

Process Images:

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Head Shot-HeejinHeejin Hwang is an art jeweler originally from South Korea. Heejin graduated with her MFA in Art Metals from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Hwang holds a BFA degree in Metals from Konkuk University and a MFA degree in Art Metals from Seoul National University in South Korea. Her work has been shown at galleries and museums internationally, including Silver Triennale (Germany), Bellevue Arts Museum, The Society for Contemporary Craft, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and Shemer Art Center & Museum. She has lectured at SOFA Chicago in 2012 as one of the SNAG emerging artists represented by Pistachios (Chicago).

To learn more about Heejin Hwang’s work visit her website: www.heejinhwang.com