John Grant- Le Coq Noir


“Le Coq Noir”, 60” x 71” x 3”, Sunset Hot Press 310 100% cotton rag paper, Lucia pigment inks, laser printed birch plywood, 2014, $12500


Humor has never let me down.  And sometimes humor makes us pay attention.  I believe Le Coq Noir does a good job of blending an adult theme, with a wink to Grandma and her tzchotchke cabinet. 

I think Grandma would be proud.  And maybe, just maybe, she would tell her friends that the photo symbolizes the protection of better days.  Days that need protecting from the spoils of today.  Or, she would get a good laugh at the title.  Or both.



John Grant is a commercial photographer and artist working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Building from the ground up, he has forged a quality, in-demand business. From the pages of magazines to gallery walls, Grant is a multi-talented artist who has worked with an array of clientele–from high profile sports teams to awareness based organizations.


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