Linda Marcus – Impregnable Fashions and LBD


The Impregnable raincoat series  and LBD, view condoms in the material state, as latex, moving the discussion about sexuality from the intimate spaces of our lives to the public spaces we share. The shapes of everyday wear, such as a rain coat or a little black dress, hold a familiarity within all of our lives. By transforming the packaging and latex into a wearable staples of every woman’s closet, these pieces engage conversations about contemporary choices we make to a more common place, one of beauty and ease.

Process Images:

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Linda Marcus describes herself as a storyteller with many different mediums. She uses her journalism skills from her first career as a TV news journalist to influence the designs she currently produces for her women’s accessories line. Linda’s work has been featured in national publications as well as many magazines and newspapers from the Midwest where she lives.  Linda’s work is focused on the constant tension of hard and soft and feminine and masculine. Linda describes her work as a cross between Joan Jett meets Audrey Hepburn.

To learn more about Linda Marcus visit her website:

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