Mark Rumsey – Shoot

“Shoot”, QR Code, expired condoms, slingshot, print on canvas, Dimensions variable, 2014, The printed canvas targets are available for purchase for $500 each in a limited edition of ten.


Viewers are invited to scan a QR Code or follow the URL on their smartphones or tablets. On the website, visual directions are provided guiding the viewers to use a slingshot to launch a condom at a target on an adjacent wall. The target is a canvas with a bull’s-eye pattern printed on it. ‘Shoot’ plays with ideas of effort and futility akin to the original intended use of the condom, to prevent semen from reaching the egg. The actions involved in the piece are a play on the physiological mechanisms associated with sex, culminating in ejaculation, to shoot. The piece positions the viewer as an active participant, changing the dynamic from presentation to situation. The scattered condoms left on the floor become the record of the activity. The scheme presents the potential for disruption as viewers are presented with a choice between a traditional art object (the canvas) or an active role (the slingshot).

Process Images:

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rumsey_headshotMark Rumsey is an artist working in social situations and spacial manipulations. His work has been exhibited recently in China, Austria, Canada, and around the United States. His work has been featured in the Las Vegas Weekly, I-Design Magazine (Thailand), Grand Rapids Magazine, Revue Magazine, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Reader,, and He has engaged in artist residencies in China, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, India, and in the USA. Rumsey earned a BFA in Ceramics and Philosophy at Grand Valley State University and an MFA in Printmaking at Kendall College of Art & Design. Over the past decade Rumsey has actively engaged with the non-profit sector in Grand Rapids developing projects such as the Free Radical Gallery and Art Downtown. Currently he serves as an Adjunct Professor at Kendall College of Art & Design.

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