Sarah Boyce- With My Little Eye

Final images coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy seeing Sarah’s process in creating With My Little Eye:

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The idea for this piece began with research on the subject of “lover’s eyes”, a trend in miniature painting from the late 1700’s. They were tiny, intimate depictions of the eye of a romantic partner, kept for sentimental reasons and meant to maintain anonymity. In my piece, a grid of eyes confronts the viewer with a direct gaze. Each eye suggests a different individual or partner, hinting at a sense of promiscuity. Each wrapped condom displays a detailed, miniature painting, contrasting notions of preciousness and disposability. I want this piece to function as a kind of memento mori – a reminder of our mortality – and to address issues of shame and judgment related to sex and the body that are still so pervasive in our culture.


Self_BoyceSarah Boyce is an artist living in Washington DC. Originally from Michigan, she received her BFA from Western Michigan University in 2000 and her MFA from University of Memphis in 2010. Boyce served as a foundations instructor at the University of Memphis from 2010 to 2011. She currently works as a commercial sign and mural artist. Boyce has shown work nationally in solo, group and juried exhibitions, including the Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia and the Brooks Introduces Series at the Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee. Whether borrowing imagery from pop culture or engaging the tradition of still life, her paintings and drawings explore themes of mortality, fantasy, viewing, consumption, and sometimes morbid curiosity.

Visit Sarah’s website to learn more about her work:

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