There are several ways you can help Preservatif create impact in communities across this country.

  • Make tax-deductible donations through our fundraising campaign:


  • Purchase tickets to a VIP Preview Party when the show comes to your town!  (All you need to get on the list is to visit the fundraising campaign link above, make a donation of the ticket price x the number of tickets you want, and leave “your name, number of tickets and VIP Preview” in the comments section).  Tickets are will call and will be available at the door.

preservatif tickets-01

  • Pre-order Preservatif catalogues. These beauties are coming out later this summer encased in a foil wrapper (of course!) Just shoot us a quick email at and we will add you to the list
Sneak peek inside the catalogue!

Sneak peek inside the catalogue!

Thank you again for helping make this exhibition as powerful as can be.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in your town soon.

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