A huge thanks to those of you who have already supported this exhibition!  If you have yet to do so, or have just learned about it, please consider making a donation of any size to Preservatif.  Our supporter’s list is below.  It’s updated daily, so your name is just a click away to being added to this incredible community of businesses and individuals who share the vision of Preservatif.

Unwrap Parties-

Part of getting people to reconsider their relationship to safe sex, and re-imagine the creative potential of latex requires creating opportunities for communities of people to examine, touch and have conversations about condoms.  In September 2014, volunteers and staff from Diverse & Resilient in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted two Condom Unwrap Parties at their headquarters in the Riverwest neighborhood. These parties were not only fun, they have also reduced the number of hours participating artists in Preservatif needed to produce their artwork.  Unwrapping thousands of condoms can add up!  In four hours, 40,000 expired condoms were unwrapped and bagged by 50 volunteers.

If you, or your organization would like to host an Unwrap Party, please contact us at: preservatifexhibition@gmail.com.

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Supporting Organizations:

Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, Choices Center for Reproductive Health, Healthy & Free Tenessee, Community HIV Network, Friends for Life, Diverse & Resilient, Planned Parenthood Wisconsin, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Lowlands Food Corporation

Individual Supporters:

The Marcus Family, Mark Teper, Jennifer Pastorino, Brit McDaniels, Ginny Johnson, Rick Johnson, William Gonzalez, Anonymous Donors

imgresChoices_blk LargeScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.25.52 PMCommunity HIV Network LOGO



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